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A Great Folksy Blog (and I’m in it)

This week I was included in Alexis Johntson Ormolu’s blog. Each week on a Friday she chooses 9 sellers from the Folksy site and shares them with the world. It is a great way to see some of the talented British sellers on the site. This week I was lucky enough to be included with my embroidered coffee pillow:

It is such an amazing confidence boost to know that someone has seen an item you have made and thought that it was good enough to be included in their blog so thank you so much to her.

You can follow her lovely blog and see this weeks Folksy shops:

Craft Fair, Bingley, Yorkshire

Yesterday (Sunday) I attended my second craft fair.  My first was back in February and it happened to be on the only day it snowed and so the turn out was less than great but it gave me really great experience.  I found out how much stuff fills a 6ft table, how to pack and take everything, how long it takes to pack up the car.  I met some fantastic people and got some good contacts so it was still worth going.

Yesterdays event was held at the Mercure Hotel in Bingley, West Yorkshire.  The event was organised by Christine who runs Lavender Field Events  Have a look at her facebook and website for info about forth coming events.

The venue was lovely and the weather was perfect but prehaps a little too perfect.  It was so warm that I think all the customers were all out on the moors walking and relaxing in a beer garden somewhere!  Unfortunately the turn out was not great but again meeting Christine and all the other sellers was fantastic and got some more inside info about other events and things to look into.  

Christine is also putting together a wedding collection of lots of exciting handcrafted and vintage items and treats including my own hand embroidered wedding ring cushions, take a look at her website for more information

There will be more events throughout the year at both this venue and at Central Hall in Keighley and I am hopefully attending another at Mercure Hotel on July 1st.